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Single Hung

FlexScreen requires different sizing than your existing window screen. Your new FlexScreen will not fit properly by just measuring your existing window screen. Here are some tips on how to measure the width for your new FlexScreen.


Step 1: How to measure width accurately. 

A. Measure the opening of where the screen will sit from the inside of the screen pocket (if there is one) to the opposite side. Be sure to take measurements closest to the top window rail.

IMPORTANT: there may be a window bracket. If so, measure from the outside of this bracket to the bracket on the opposite side.

A – 3/16 = Width

Step 2: How to measure height and depth accurately. 

Measure from the fixed sash to the opposite side and subtract 3/16″. Here are some tips on how to measure the height for your new FlexScreen.

A. Measure from where the screen will rest on the bottom sill to the opening of the top track/pocket.


B. Measure the depth of the screen track/pocket using a business card. If there is no track pocket, enter 0″ for depth 

Calculation: A + B – 3/16 = Height

Step 3: Send us your measurements and we will email you a quote!

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